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Build an AI chatbot to take care of 85% of your customer questions automatically. Train it with your knowledge base and add it to your site in minutes.

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Imagine a support agent that's always on, never sleeps, and is here to help your customers anytime of the day.

Can you please tell me about the pricing?

Absolutely! Here are the pricing tiers for Ping Parrot:

  • Free $0/forever
  • 1 chatbot
  • 20 message credits per month
  • 400,000 characters per chatbot

Trained on Your Data

Your chatbot learns from your data to provide accurate answers to your customers.







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Advanced Analytics

See where customers chat from, view chatbot conversations, and track performance metrics.

Your Chatbot, Your Style

Match your brand by customizing your chatbot's look and easily embedding it on your website.

Sí, trabajamos con Zapier para facilitarte las cosas. Es importante para nosotros que tengas lo que necesitas.



Talks Many Languages

Support your international customers with a chatbot that speaks over 80 languages.

Can I speak to a human agent?

Conversation escalated to a human agent

Sorry that I couldn't help. A human agent will get back to you as soon as possible.

Feel free to add any additional information you think might be helpful for the agent to know.

Real-time Human Support

Provide human support when needed. You can join any conversation at any time and allow customers to request escalated help from a human agent.

WithPing Parrot, you're offering instant support,

365 days

a year.

Without Ping Parrot

Unhappy and Waiting Customers

Long waits for answers

Losing customers due to poor support

Confusing, inconsistent answers

Too much time spent repeating the same answers

With Ping Parrot

Happy and Satisfied Customers

Instant replies mean customers don't have to wait

Always-on support keeps customers happy

The same right answers every time

Chatbot handles the repeat work, freeing you for big tasks

We've helped businesses like yours save time, money and resources.

We don't have to answer endless repetitive questions or worry about missing a message anymore. Saves us a lot of time.

— Simon Grant, CRO @ Echo Voe

That's definitely helpful to stop doing the parrot work with customer support.

— Nico Jeannen, CEO @ TalkNotes

Frequently asked questions

Can I train the chatbot even if I don’t have a website?

Yes, you may add your own frequently asked questions (FAQ) into the chatbot’s knowledge base. By doing so, the chatbot will be able to respond to questions using the information you provide.

How do I add the chatbot to my website?

You will receive a unique URL, which you can integrate into your website as a chat widget, or you can directly link to it from your site.

Can I try a demo before I sign up?

Yes, we have our own chatbot available on this website. You can test it and see how it works by clicking on the chat icon located in the bottom right corner. It’s been trained using data from our website and is capable of answering questions regarding Ping Parrot.

What type of knowledge sources can I use to train the chatbot?

Currently, you can train your chatbot using your website and FAQ. Through website training, the chatbot will crawl the pages of your site, allowing you to select the ones you prefer, and then it will learn from their content. For FAQ training, you have the option to input your own questions and answers into the chatbot’s knowledge base, from which it will also learn. The more information you give it, the better it will be at answering questions.

How long does it take to train the chatbot?

The time needed to train the chatbot depends on how much data you give it. More data means better answers but takes longer to train. However, you can use the chatbot after adding some data, and it will keep getting better as it learns more in the background, so you don’t have to wait for it to be fully trained to start using it.

What if I change the content on my website after training the chatbot? Will you automatically retrain it?

Right now, the chatbot doesn’t refresh its training automatically with changes to your website. However, you can manually retrain it by visiting the knowledge section in the dashboard, selecting the pages you’d like it to relearn from, and pressing the retrain button. This will retrain your chatbot with the latest content from those pages. We are in the process of automating this task to happen periodically.

Is there a free plan available?

Yes, we offer a free forever plan that allows you to create a chatbot of your own, train it with your data, and embed it on your website. We limit the amount of data you can train your chatbot on and the number of conversations your bot can have each month, but you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time to remove these limits as well as access other premium features.

Does it work even if my website is not in English?

Yes, Ping Parrot supports more than 80 languages, allowing you to train your chatbot in whichever language you prefer. For instance, if your website is in Spanish, you can also train your chatbot in Spanish. It will then be capable of answering questions in all the 80+ languages that we support. This feature makes it convenient for your customers to receive assistance in their preferred language.

Can I customize the chatbot to match my brand?

Yes, we offer the option to customize the chat widget’s colors, the chatbot’s name, its avatar, the welcome message, and the question suggestions (should you choose to include them). We are in the process of adding more customization options.

Do you save the conversations that the chatbot has with my website visitors?

Yes, we save all the messages exchanged between your chatbot and your website’s visitors. This information helps enhance your chatbot’s performance and gives you analytics on its effectiveness. For instance, if you use Ping Parrot to create a chatbot, you’ll have access to all its conversations and additional details about your visitors, like their location and the device they used to chat with the bot. We ensure this data is stored securely and is only accessible to you.

Can I embed my chatbot on multiple websites?

Of course, you can embed the chatbot on as many websites as you like with no additional cost.

Do you have an API for Ping Parrot?

Currently, we do not offer access to our API to users. However, we are developing an API that will enable you to interact with your chatbot programmatically. This will allow you to send messages to your chatbot, receive responses, and perform other actions. We will inform you as soon as the API becomes available for public use.

We need a custom integration that isn’t yet supported by Ping Parrot. What should we do?

In this case, you can sign up as an enterprise customer, and we will collaborate with you to create a custom pricing plan that suits your requirements. Please contact us with all the details at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you also offer human agent support if needed?

Yes! You can take over any conversation at any time. This feature is especially useful when the chatbot is unable to answer a question or when you want to provide a more personalized response to a visitor. You can also enable the chatbot to allow visitors to request a human agent at any time.